Who is ready for the first Vegan New Year's Eve party Cruise Gala on the Seine in Paris!?

The Gentle Gourmet is very excited to announce that we are sponsoring this fund-raising event for the 2012 edition of the Paris Vegan Day Festival !

September 2011 The Gentle Gourmet in Paris is immensely happy to announce the   opening of Paris'  first gourmet vegan restaurant - food boutique in March of 2012 which will be in central Paris. The current establishment will be closed from mid-autumn to March 1st during the set-up period. We will however be putting on several large events on a boat on the Seine - our now famous Thanksgiving with a difference and europe's first New Year's eve  vegan Seine cruise dinner!!!! 
Information and Reservations for this wildly historic moment will be avilable here on October 1st!

JUNE 2011

To inaugurate our 3rd year as Paris' only vegan B&B we are happy to anounce that all of our dinners  are now accompanied by a free mini cooking demo about what we have prepared for that evening's meal. Enjoy it tonight and know how to make it again once at home!

MAY 2011

September 9th-13th -The Loire Valley Kitchen Garden Extravaganza with Mark Reinfeld and the Gentle Gourmet

The ultimate tour for those who love Kitchen Gardens, great vegan cuisine and are looking for an intimate journey  into French culture and history - we are happy to announce this September's first 2-part Loire Valley Kitchen Garden Extravaganza tour with the Gentle Gourmet and celebrated vegan fusion cookbook author and chef Mark Reinfeld !  

A very special 2-part week  with the very special chef, teacher and cookbook author Mark Reinfeld who will accompany us and teach daily classes in kitchens of the great chateaux whose vegetable gardens and orchards  we will visit and study. This magical week is the trip of a lifetime for anyone passionate about kitchen gardening ,vegan cooking and France!

During 5 days  of chateau-hopping, hot-air balooning, kitchen-garden visiting and gourmet cooking  and dining, you will discover how the French turned the simple growing of fruits and vegetables into a high form of Art.

To make the tour available to all who would like to fit it into the visit to Paris, we have divided the tours into 2 parts that can be taken as a whole or separately.

 Sept 9th - Leave Paris  by  train to Tours  then heading off to the magical  Chateau de Valmer where we will visit the beautiful, organic kitchen garden , taste their wines and cook up a lovely meal ; then off we go by hot air baloon to get an overall look at the chateau-dotted  "Valley of Kings" and then we settle in to the fairytale domaine of the Chateau Rivau.
Sept 10th - After breakfast we will do an in-depth tour of this enchanting garden and then off we are to the now celebrated Tomato Festival at the Chateau de la Bourdaisiere, and then back to the professional kitchen for a late afternoon of cooking and dining 
Sept 11th  After breakfast we can enjoy on spot the Chateau Rivau's yearly pumpkin festival and then later a class and dinner with Mark  . We will be met here by those joining us for part two of the tour who will have visited with other members of the Gentle Gourmet team the Chateau de la Bourdaisiere festival before meeting up with us.
Sept.12th - Breakfast, class  and lunch at the Chateau Rivau and then off to the Queen of all kitchen gardens - Villandry where we will visit , marvel and dine!
Sept.13th - Morning cooking class and lunch and last look around the garden before departure from our home away from home at the Chateau Rivau. Off to the Chateau de la Chatonniere and the Chateau de Chenonceau after which we will take the train beack to Paris. 

Rates which include all transportation from Paris to the Loire Valley and back and during the tour, accomodation, all meals, all classes, garden visits, activities, embroidered apron and travel log/recipe book.

A. Full 5-day tour 2500 euros

B. 3dy/2 night - leaving after the Rivau festival on the 11th.  1350 euros
C. 3-day/2 night  - arriving for the bourdaisiere festival  on the 11th to the 13th. 1150 euros
Contact Deborah at for all information and reservations.

APRIL 2011

Reservations are open for:


Mark is  the  co-author of many important vegan books including  The 30-Minute Vegan, The 30-Minute Vegan’s Taste of the East, The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Eating Raw, and  what was my very first and still adored vegan cookbook Vegan Fusion World Cuisine.
For over two decades Mark has been preparing and teaching  creative vegan and raw food cuisine both as  the founding chef of the celebrated Blossoming Lotus Restaurant” and in seminars and classes around the world. And now he will grace us with his presence  during two weeks of classes a well as at our Paris Vegan day festival's culinary demos!!

SEPTEMBEr 18th - 23rd

Our week will be comprised of visits to markets and culinary sessions with Mark as well as three-days of visits to nearby icons of French life.

One day we’ll be in Versailles to visit the King’s kitchen garden, the chateau, the gardens and the Marie Antoinette’s bucolic Hamlet. Another will be the Day with Monet tour to Giverny where passion for gardens, art  and culinary art de vivre mesh , the pleasure in one, reinforcing the pleasures in the others. Finally we get to join in the celebration of heritage fruits and vegetables at the celebrated St Jean de Beauregard festival. All meals during the tours are organic and vegan, of course!

    This very special week includes daily classes, 3 full day trips
( Versailles, Giverny and St jean de beauregard) all garden and museum entrance fees, all lunches and dinners, daily classes,with Mark, two  market tours, an embroidered apron and full notebook. The rate for the full week is 2,280 euros . For those not able to be present the entire week, and if availability exists, half week and 1-day sessions are possible.
For all information, please contact us at
or through our contact form.


" Baleine Blanche"  BOAT ON THE SEINE. Two seatings are available , one from 6-8pm and the second from 8-10pm.

The following night Gentle Gourmet and the Paris Vegan Day organization are hosting a  Latino night with  Terry Hope Romero and her new VIVA VEGAN book along with Salsa dancing  from 7pm-1am.

ALL PROFITS FROM THE EVENT GO TO FUNDING THE PARIS VEGAN DAY FESTIVAL WHICH TAKES PLACE ON  SUNDAY NOVEMBER 28TH. RESERVATIONS ARE NECESSARY for the Thanksgiving dinner and the Latino night  and can be made by sending a message through our contact sheet and payment directly on our payment basket (indicate time slot for TG dinner in the message .)

JULY 2010 - THE GENTLE GOURMET is proud to have founded and sponsor the  PARIS VEGAN DAY FESTIVAL and urges vegans from around the world to also support this endeavour to turn beautiful gourmet Paris into a very vegan friendly city !www.parisveganday.fr

June 2010 - THE BIG NEWS
As of August 1st  2010, The Gentle Gourmet is expanding to meet the increasing demand for vegan accomodation and dining possibilities! Our goal is  to open Europe's first entirely vegan hotel in 2012!

The Gentle Gourmet B&B featured in Vegetarian Times May/June issue !!!!

May 2010

Vegan and vegetarian wine lovers around the world have dreamt about doing the quintessential wine routes of France and the Gentle Gourmet has just made this possible.

Over a year of intensive research into the wineries of the different regions of France has enabled us discover the many 100% organic and bio-dynamic unfiltered, therefore vegan , wines available.  We have created three unique wine tours as well as a series of vegan wine appreciation sessions and tastings at the Gentle Gourmet in Paris. As of the fall of 2010 we will also be offering vegan Cider and apple cuisine tours in Normandy!

 tour 1 - Champagne, Alsace and Burgundy
 tour 2 - Loire Valley and Bordeaux
 tour 3 - Provence, Languedoc and Rhone valley

 schedule for dates and prices to be announced shortly.

March 2010

Spring Commencement Special
All cooking class bookings made for the period from March 21st till April 21st get a 20% reduction on the total price! Give code: spring vegan when booking.

February 2010

Valentine's Day  and other Moments of Seduction


 I offer you fruits, flowers, leaves and branches,
and then  my heart which beats only for you"

                         Paul Verlaine

The art of combining foods and spices to enhance romance and eroticism dates back thousands of years. This class is all about those foods that surprise; foods that  titillate and alight the senses; foods that make your heart beat just a little faster. This thoroughly enjoyable class open to cooks and non-cooks alike will teach you the "secrets and magic" to prepare  those special meals for that special person.
This class includes hands-on cooking, dinner together and a specially-decorated notebook.

Valentine Class and Dinner  -Friday Feb 12th
Valentine Gourmet Dinner - Saturday Feb 13th
Valentine Bistrot Dinner - Sunday Feb 14th

January 1st 2010

The Vegan Resolution

The time has come for a way of living that could not only cure the planet of its environmental woes, improve our health vastly, feed the world's hungry but most importantly permit billions of non-human animals to live out their existences as they were intended to do.
Make the vegan resolution today and experience a peace of mind that comes from having chosen the most logical, compassionate and intelligent way of conducting one's life!


In 2010 The Gentle Gourmet will be exploring the different aspects of a vegan lifestyle and will offer  and present a variety of classes , conferences and events to promote veganism in some of the different ways it manifests itself.

One of the biggest resolutions people make is to get their bodies and health in shape and we are offering a very empowering and supportive  class ( with ourselves as gunea pigs!) that will discuss food and health , concoct super healthy low-fat seasonal vegan dishes, learn new habits and share a very relaxing lunch together. Class with lunches are scheduled for Saturdays and Mondays from 11:30am to 1:30pm and cost 45 euros. See our cooking- class page for additional information.

More events coming soon!


Tuesday 2nd -  Grand opening of


Sunday the  22nd 

Paris's first vegan culinary event on Nov 22 at the Galerie Fraich'attitude fro 2-8pm!
free cooking demos all day long

update :The event was a huge success with hundreds of people - vegan, vegetarian and others - enjoying a moment of vegan conviviality and culinary adventure!


Thanksgiving tradition is about celebrating life— about families and friends, about gratitude, love and compassion. Here is a beautiful menu that will make this holiday one where all, even the gentle turkey, will be thankful.

For dinner at 7pm on Thursday the 26th, Friday the 27th and Saturday the 28th and on Sunday the 29th at 1pm

 * Butternut squash, leek and japanese pear soup
 * Little salads of lamb's lettuce, walnuts, endive, clementine and beetroot
 * Individual  stuffed and rolled seitan
 * Corn-bread, onion, celery, mushroom and sage stuffing   
 * Wild-mushroom gravy
 *Dried-fruit and soy sausage stuffing
 * Cranberry-orange-walnut-raisin compote
 *Mashed potatoes with horseradish cream
 *Orange-glazed sweet potatoes,turnips, shallots and carrots
 *Roasted brussel sprouts and chestnut

 *Pecan pie ice-cream
 *Lemon-scented pumpkin cheesecake



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