Saturdays:  our 50 euro 4-course  gourmet meal
Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays
 our 30 euro 3-course "bistrot" meal. (25  euros if no wine)

Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays our new and for everyone who likes some fun, gourmet vegan cooking class with dinner sessions!(95 euros)Dinners who do not wish to take the class are welcome to come at dinner time if availability (40e w/o wine/50 euros w/wine)

As always - all wines and beverages are included in your meals

Each gourmet menu consists of :

I.  before dinner tidbits, 
II. a first course of  an elaborate salad or soup
III. the main course
IV. dessert (plate with several harmonized desserts)

All beverages are included and each is chosen to  highlight the proposed dishes

Each bistrot menu consists of
I. a first course of  a salad or soup
II. the main course
III. dessert

Each Cooking Class with dinner consists of 2 hours of fun and skillful cooking instruction followed by our four - course gourmet vegan dinner. Recipe notebook and other surprises included.

Examples of  BISTROT menus for AUGUST

 - Grilled meditteranean vegetable salad
 - Asparagus lemon risotto and pesto-stuffed tofu
 - Strawberry and red wine sorbet with a strawberry and citrus zest salad

- Mushroom and avocado carpaccio with charred chile oil
 - Sauteed marinated Tofu with lemon and caper sauce, and sauteed baby potatoes and spinach
 - Chocolate tarte "Laura"

Examples of GOURMET meals for AUGUST
 - Espuma of Cavaillon Melon and fresh tarragon pearls with radish and edible flowers
 - Stuffed Zucchini Boxes with Tapenade and pickled shallots
 - potato gnocchi with dill and fennel smoked garlic and pesto-stuffed tofu
"Lemon meringue " ice cream with  vanilla flavoured  berries

 - YELLOW, ORANGE AND GREEN Melon soup with Pineau des Charente
 - White asparagus with Preserved lemon and a "Medley of garden herbs" vinaigrette 
 - Sweet Pea Ravioli with Sauteed Pea Leaves
 - Warmed summer fruits with fresh peach sorbet

 - Seasonal Class with dinner

- Golden Gazpacho with avocado-cilantro sorbet
- Tofu tempurah with radish, green bean and chive blossom salad with tahini dressing
- Medley of morels, fava beans, green asparagus and shallots over a spicy potato and sweet potato puree
- confit de rhubarb with strawbwerry coulis and lemon verbena ice cream

Many of these recipes have come from  our all-time favorite vegan cookbooks -

     Great Chefs Cook Vegan  - Linda Long
     VEGANOMICON by Isa Chandra Moskowitz and Terry Hope Romero
      VEGAN PLANET   by  Robin Robertson
       THE MILLENIUM COOKBOOK by Eric Tucker and John Westerdahl

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